Day 61: Smokey Mountains?!?

Started: Red’s Meadow Junction (906.7)

Ended: Tentsite (919.9)

Total Miles: 13.2

Late last night, as I took a shower, I was unable to turn off the water at the hotel. The handle just spun. I called the manager, and he said they would call the plumber. So, the water ran all night.

We got on trail by 10 a.m. With a late start, we were lucky to get 13 miles.

There is a fire burning behind us called the Lion’s Fire. That made our entire hike very smokey. I know that there were some excellent views, but they were obscured by smoke.

It was a bit difficult to breathe, and my mouth was gritty and dry.

Today was about escaping the vortex of civilization, and we did that so it was a good day. Tomorrow we will cross two passes. I ate extra calories tonight to get ready for that.

With the day done and some unexpected internet, I’ll enjoy a relaxing evening.

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