Day 62: Two Passes

Started: Tentsite (919.9)

Ended: Vogelsang Trail Junction (936.0)

Total Miles: 16.1

Achievements: Island Pass (10,226 ft.), Donohue Pass (11,076 ft.)

We had two choices today. Either hike 16 miles to Vogelsang Trail Junction or 22 miles to Tuolumne Meadows. There is a four mile no camping rule around Tuolumne.

Up to this point, we have refrained from more than one pass per day. Today, we had no choice. A climb over the pass, a technical climb down, a bigger climb up and a more technical climb down.

Island pass was really simple. It was in a green tunnel, and if I didn’t know it was a pass, I would not recognize it as a pass.

Donohue was much more like what I’m used to. I struggled on the initial approach, so I stopped, rested and ate. My second attempt was much better. I finally remembered what Sunshine taught me. A slow and consistent step where I walk just before sweating. Using that speed is something I forgot about.

We got to camp and two JMT hikers offered us steak. Talk about some amazing trail magic.

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