Day 66: Seavy Pass

Started: Tentsite (972.8)

Ended: Lake Wilma (986.9)

Total Miles: 14.1

Achievements: Seavy Pass (9,131 ft.)

We got up early and climbed Seavy Pass in two hours. Compared to what we have done, it was trivial. In fact, there wasn’t much to see.

I wrote yesterday that we expected a good day, but today was harder than yesterday. With Seavy, we had three major climbs. All of them were steep, technical, and tiring. Why the other two were not passes, I don’t know. They looked and felt like passes.

Our goal was 16 miles. I was just exhausted, so we were looking to camp after 14 miles. That is when we ran into a hiker that camped there and was accosted by a young bear. He had set up his tent when the bear growled at him. He retreated to this campsite. As we have a good group of people here, there is safety in numbers.

Bubbles really wants to see a beat. Maybe tonight is the night.

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