Day 67: Dororthy Lake Pass & 1,000 Miles

Started: Lake Wilma (986.9)

Ended: Tentsite (1003.9)

Total Miles: 17.0

Achievements: I Would Walk 500 Miles, And I Would Walk 500 More, Just To Be A Man Who Would Walk A Thousand Miles, And Then Walk A Thousand More; Dorothy Lake Pass (9,534 ft.)

The big news today, I crossed the 1,000 mile mark. No matter how this ends, it is epic. When I was hurt and probably out at 418 miles, that was not enough. A thousand miles is a different story.

As I last left you yesterday, there was a major bear sighting which caused one hiker to retreat. We jammed nine tents in a campsite for three. Bubbles was sure she was finally going to see her bear, but unfortunately the bears decided to stay away. What we did have is an apocalyptical number of mosquitoes. I estimated that there was 30 mosquitoes on Naps back. Fortunately he was wearing his outer shell and was protected.

Our day consisted of a steady climb with a hundred percent chance mosquitoes. people looked at me strange when I set up my tent for lunch, but they soon recognized the brilliance of that plan. I was able to eat in peace.

The view from Dorothy Lake Pass was nice.

We made very good time and where hoping to go either 17 or 19 miles for the day. Hunger dictated 17 miles.

Tomorrow we have one big climb early, then we will reach North Kennedy Meadows. The restaurant is open until 9 p.m. and we are looking forward to a meal. We will spend the night, do laundry, and resupply. The goal is to get out of there by noon. Our next zero will be in South Lake Tahoe.

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