Day 68: Unexpectedly Beautiful

Started: Tentsite (1003.9)

Ended: Sonoma Pass (1016.9)

Total Miles: 13.0

We got not looking forward to these 13 miles into Northern Kennedy Meadows. It was five miles of climb, exposed, hot, and included a ten mile no water carry. As we got up into higher elevations, we found ourselves postholing with 50 mph cross winds. We stopped for lunch, and we were all tired. Trying to walk straight on the edge of a ridge when the wind is turning you takes energy.

Our goal was to get to Northern Kennedy Meadows. Yes, there are two Kennedy Meadows on the PCT. The first is the gateway to the Sierra Mountains. The second is a hiker friendly guest ranch for resupply, and more importantly, the place where you can send back the heavy bear canister.

Needless to say, I had my head down and was putting one foot in front of the other. We climbed up a ridge and things changed.

We hitched in and did chores. Now clean, fed and resupplied, we return to the trail tomorrow. We will hike five days to South Lake Tahoe.

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