Day 69: Leave North Kennedy Meadows

Started: Sonoma Pass (1016.9)

Ended: Boulder Creek (1030.8)

Total Miles: 13.9

After finishing my blog post for yesterday, Nap came to me and said he was hungry, so we had second dinner. So, yesterday I had breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and second dinner. When I took my shower, I can see I’ve really lost weight. My pack, which was designed for buff hiker dudes fits better each day.

The bear canister is no longer needed, so I shipped it home. That made my pack three pounds lighter!

Clean and resupplied, we were not in a rush to get out. The beds were warm and comfortable. Check out was at ten.

The trail will not hike itself. We found a hitch, and were on trail by 11. The fact that we did 14 miles in a short time means we are ready to kick it in high gear once we get out of the Sierra Mountains.

Not much for photography today. The wild flowers are blooming and the smell of the trail was the highlight, but I cannot share that over the internet just yet.

Tomorrow we stretch out our legs.

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