Day 73: South Lake Tahoe

Started: Tentsite (1087.0)

Ended: South Lake Tahoe (1092.3)

Total Miles: 5.3 + Lots of Bonus Miles

We made quick work of the remaining miles into South Lake Tahoe. I’ve been battling a sore left leg the past couple of days. This morning my left ankle was swollen. I guess I twisted my ankle. Fortunately, I have a brace for that. That and Vitamin-I.

When we got down to Echo Summit, a ride was waiting. Greatfull Dad and his van was offering a ride. All you needed to do is sign the van.

We stopped first for second breakfast at Heidi’s, a local breakfast restaurant that is hiker friendly. I need to rest and replenish calories.

After second breakfast, we walked to the Mellow Mountain Hostel. Nap and Bubbles need to replace their tent, so money is an issue for them. The zipper broke and they are going to need that or their blood will be sucked out due to mosquitoes.

I ran into Candice, now called Mammoth. I met her at Scout and Frodo’s and camped with her on day one. She gave me my trail name. Sadly, the last time I saw her, she was hurting, but there was nothing I could do. It was a terrible way to say goodbye. Now I probably will never see her again as she is faster, but it was on a good note.

South Lake Tahoe is long from a hiker’s perspective. I rented a bike to ride to the post office and pick up my new shoes. Hopefully, I’ll stop sliding on the rocks.

Tonight we’ll go to all you can eat Chinese. Tomorrow I’ll resupply for seven days and buy some new clothes that fit.

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