Day 74: A Badly Needed Day Off

Zero in South Lake Tahoe

Today is a day of rest and preparation for the next sections. We have a seven day hike to Sierra City. Sierra City has no resupply options, so I’m mailing a box of food forward.

I went to an outfitter across from the hostel to buy new clothes. I’ve gone from a size 40 shorts to a size 34. The size 32 fits, but was a little tight. After reaching Oregon, I should fit a 32. I’ve also gone from an extra large shirt and to a medium. I sent a picture home. My daughter said, “Wow Dad! You are thin!”. I still have 20 to 30 pounds to go, so I have plenty of fat reserves for this hike.

The outfitter had plenty of freeze dried dinners at a reasonable price, so I bought enough for these two sections. Diversity for dinner is critical for morale.

Nap and Bubbles have been struggling with the zipper on their tent. They have a Tarptent. They called and Tarptent helped them fix it with a needle nose pliers. I had a similar problem with one of my zippers on my tent. The other zipper worked, so I was fine. The method worked for me as well, so my tent is no longer degraded.

I road a motorized scooter to the post office and sent a box with five days of food to Sierra City. It is one of the towns on trail with a post office, but no resupply options. There I found Mammoth. I thought they left, but apparently not.

With that Nap, Bubbles and I bought a bottle of wine and toasted. We toasted to Bubbles encounter with a bear. We toasted to my weight loss. We toasted to fixed tents.

Tomorrow we’ll get breakfast and get back on trail.

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