Day 75: 1,100 Miles

Started: South Lake Tahoe (1092.3)

Ended: Gilmore Lake (1103.3)

Total Miles: 11.0

Achievements: Mountain Storm,

It took us a while to get out of South Lake Tahoe. We took the bus for $2 to get to the road that led to where we hitched in. The bus trip took a long time. Once we were on the road, it still took a while to hitch. Eventually, we were picked up by a avid hiker in this area. He informed us that a bear managed to rip the top off of a bear canister. Anyone who stored their food in their tent had to be crazy.

I hung my food tonight instead of just keeping it in my tent as usual.

With a sore ankle and a short day, I didn’t dilly-dally. My goal was to hike about 15 miles to a tent site after Dicks Pass. In the middle of the climb, a afternoon storm came up quickly. I could see it approach, and the top of a pass is a poor place to be in a thunderstorm.

I crossed 1,100 miles.

I got to Gilmore Lake and prepared for the worst. The storm turned and passed by. It was too late to continue, so I’ll just have to accept an 11 mile day. As it was over ten miles, it is not a nero.

Overall, my ankle is still swollen, but I was able to hike without too much pain. I expect it to be better tomorrow. I would like to do 18 miles if I can.

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