Day 76: Dicks Pass

Started: Gilmore Lake (1103.3)

Ended: Bear Lake Outlet Tentsite (1122.1)

Total Miles: 18.8

Achievements: Dicks Pass (9,377 ft.)

I started the day with a climb up to Dicks Pass. I wanted to do it the day before, but the threat of thunderstorms made me camp early. Nap and Bubbles were running late, so I started alone.

Dicks Pass is the highest elevation for all of Northern California. The climb was easy until the last quarter mile. I was huffing and puffing to get to the top. The way down was filled with scree, so it was slow going.

My left ankle did not bother me, although I took Vitamin-I. When we stopped for lunch, we found ourselves having only completed six miles. We resigned ourselves to a low mileage day.

We are scheduled to do 15 miles per day for this section. If we do 18, we’ll knock a day off, so that is our goal.

With a strong push and forgiving terrain, we finished with nearly 19 miles.

We’ll do the same thing tomorrow. We are at the base of a big climb, although it doesn’t end in a pass. There will be a bunch of climbs tomorrow, so getting 18 miles will be a challenge.

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