Day 77: Three Climbs? Whatever…

Started: Bear Lake Outlet Tentsite (1122.1)

Ended: Tentsite (1140.7)

Total Miles: 18.6

I wrote yesterday that today was going to be tough to hike 18 miles because we had three climbs. I’m beginning to realize that I’m underestimating what I can do.

Having lost all this weight, it does not take as much energy to climb. Today, I tried to push it. I wasn’t afraid to sweat. I did something truly unusual for me. I bounded up the hill. I passed other hikers instead of the one being passed.

I still did the 18 miles. That’s pretty good for someone with a swollen left ankle.

Nap, Bubbles and I agreed to meet at a water source 13 miles in the hike. I moved much faster. They ran into some trail magic I missed. So, I rested at mile 13 where I ran into some trail magic of my own. The trail angel and I talked for an hour. He completed the trail in 2016, and gave me plenty of good advice.

When Nap and Bubbles arrived, I bounded up the last climb. It was a good day and tomorrow promises to be better.

One thought on “Day 77: Three Climbs? Whatever…

  1. JP, I am so in awe of you! You have made such an amazing journey in your life with your church and now you’re still going in God’s creation! Judy (Buff) and I, Connie (Wrong Way) met you at Barrel Springs at the Trail Angel tent by Barrel Springs and again at the cache south of Mary’s (John Muir) Place. I wish we could have continued on with all of you but I had to get home to leave on a month long archaeology dig in Shiloh Israel May 15th. That was another one of my bucket list to check off. We found so many artifacts and evidence that is recorded in the Bible. Amazing and surreal to hold pottery that was made by the hands of the Romans, Byzantine, Israelites, Canaanites, Amorites, and other cultures in your hand. In just my square, we brought out 2500 pieces of pottery! Perhaps you may want to consider that to be your next thing to do. Another bucket list item for me was the PCT and AT. I’d love to finish one of them someday but probably won’t get back to either till next year, perhaps. Just wanted to let you know someone is reading your updates and praying for you. I’m writing a story about hiking the PCT from the Border to Idyllwild on our website, but won’t be done for a week or 2 so, please, Be safe till we meet again. Connie


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