Day 78: An Unexpected Goodbye

Started: Tentsite (1140.7)

Ended: Donner Ski Ranch (1153.4)

Total Miles: 12.7

We were unsuccessful at completing the plan for today. On paper it looked good. Hike 12.7 miles to the Donner Ski Ranch for a late lunch and hike the last three miles to a campsite.

We did that fine. Nap and Bubbles tent has a broken zipper. You need that with the mosquitos. While followifng the instructions provided by the manufacturer, Nap squeezed too hard and broke the zipper.

The three of us called all the sewing businesses trying to find a solution. We had no luck. Late, we chose to send a room at the ranch.

I will leave in the morning. I am on the clock now. I have little room in the schedule for unplanned zeros. I enjoy hiking with my two Swiss friends, but that is the way of the trail.

It was not a good day for photography. Smoke from the Yosemite fire make what should have been awesome shots.

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