Day 79: On My Own, Naturally

Started: Donner Ski Ranch (1153.4)

Ended: Tentsite (1168.5)

Total Miles: 15.1 + 2 Lost Miles + .8 Bonus Miles

Achievements: Search For Grub In The Grubb Hut

So, today was my first day hiking alone since I left Warner Springs, at mile 109.5. I’m a social person, so I like to meet up at the end of the day with people I know. However, hiking solo has advantages.

I did struggle in the morning to stay on trail. There were quite a few side trails, probably for rock climbing, and as they all had footprints, I often followed the wrong one. The worst led somewhere people like to visit. I found myself way off trail. I tried to return to the PCT overland, but realized that wasn’t going to work.

Today I hiked past a PCT landmark, the Peter Grubb Hut. Like Eagle Rock and the John Muir hut, it is something I’ve seen countless pictures and videos of and now I was there. I would have loved to climb the ladder and sleep there, but it was too early. As I was alone, I had plenty of time to explore.

I took only one picture of it, but I have a finger in it. Grrr…

There were two big climbs. On top of the second one was a cool place to camp. It was only 15 miles and 4 p.m., so I was going to keep going. Nearly half a mile later, I ran into an ice cold natural spring. As it tasted perfect, I loaded up with four liters and returned to the nice campsite and made an early day of it.

You can’t do that if you have hiking partners now can you?

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