Day 81: Sierra City

Started: Milton Creek (1190.7)

Ended: Sierra City (1195.4)

Total Miles: 4.7 + 1.5 Bonus Miles

After a solid day yesterday, today was going to be much easier. I sent a box ahead from South Lake Tahoe to the post office in Sierra City.

Just as I was finishing packing up, Diesel Dan came down. We met in Kennedy Meadows South. We hiked to town together, including the one in a half road hike.

The second important task was to carb up. For second breakfast (first breakfast was at camp) consisted of three eggs, three slices of bacon, three sausages, hash browns, three pancakes, an English muffin, orange juice, and about ten cups of coffee. I love the backpacker’s diet.

I got my box from the Post Office and put together my meal plan. Because I made it to town early, I had ten freeze dried dinners for five days. I sold two to Diesel Dan.

That is when Nap and Bubbles came into town. They went into Truckee to find someone to fix their tent to no avail. So, they got back on trail to try and catch up with me. Tarptent overnight shipped a new zipper to Sierra City for them to try and fix it themselves.

It was 95 degrees, so my plan was to wait until it was cooler to leave. The hike out consists of an eight mile, 3000 foot, exposed climb. I did not want to do that in the middle of the day.

For lunch I had an excellent double cheese burger with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, mustard, a vanilla shake and a 40 ounce Doctor Pepper. I love the backpacker’s diet.

I spent the rest of the day resting, calling family and friends, and talking with other hikers.

Nap and Bubbles wanted to hike with me again, so we agreed to leave early tomorrow.

I wasn’t hungry for dinner for some reason.

I camped in the back of a Methodist church. As it was Friday, there was a ton of noise and I only fell asleep after midnight. It is going to be a long day tomorrow.

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