Day 82: 1,200 Miles and No Sleep

Started: Sierra City (1195.4)

Ended: Tentsite (1216.0)

Total Miles: 20.6 + 2.6 New Trail Miles

Achievements: 1,200 Miles

Getting out of Sierra City is no small task. There are two major climbs. The first is a seven mile, 3,000 foot exposed hike. The second was four miles and some hight I don’t remember. I don’t know why I bother looking at the elevation chart anymore. Whatever is in front of me, I’m going to climb it.

I’ll even do that if I only had four hours of sleep like I did last night.

I looked up the Hauser Creek climb we did on Day 2. That was a terrible 1,100 foot climb over three miles, and it almost killed us. We camped at the base so we could tackle it in the morning. We ran out of water when we reached the top.

So, it is safe to say that I’m a bit stronger now.

We started the day with a relaxing breakfast at a local coffee shop. I was leaving with Nap and Bubbles again. Joining us we’re Diesel Dan and Collin. We got to the trailhead at 7:30.

I bounded up the climb. I calculated that we did over 2 MPH which for me is amazing. About three quarters of the way up, we reached the 1,200 mile mark. That was our only stop.

Today is the day that we hiked the new section of the PCT. It is a bit of an administrative nightmare. Neither the paper maps or the phone app that I almost exclusively use has this new trail on it. So, for the purpose of this hike, I’m ignoring those miles and will tack them on at the end.

We ran into some day hikers who had a ton of questions. They hiked with us for about four miles. In the parking lot, we ran into some trail magic, beer and watermelon. Yes, when you thru-hike, those two go together.

We decided to make a strong push at the end and did 23.2 miles for the day. That was awesome when you consider we had two big climbs and a late start.

Our campsite has a icy cold spring. Springs are my new pleasure. I drank four liters!

We’re going to sleep as we did not get enough sleep last night.

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