Day 85: Cruising Without Pain

Started: Tentsite (1254.7)

Ended: Tentsite (1276.3)

Total Miles: 21.6

It was a fairly boring day to be quite honest. After all the adventure I have had, a day of just hiking miles is kind of refreshing. There were no mountain passes. There were no animal encounters. No gear broke. The only real exciting news is that my left ankle was pain free. I didn’t wear the brace, nor did I take Vitamin-I.

There were some nice views and I had enough bandwidth to start uploading pictures so that I can finally upload these blog posts, but that will not happen until tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will stop in Belden and the Caribou Crossroads Store for a resupply and a milkshake. Maybe laundry and a shower, but it has been such a long time since I had those, I feel I no longer need it.

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