Day 86: Resupply in Belden

Started: Tentsite (1276.3)

Ended: Belden (1286.9)

Total Miles: 10.6

The town of Belden (population 7) is a common resupply point. We decided to stop here and purchase food for just two days. The reason is simple. Regardless of whether we stop here or not, we have to climb 5,000 feet over 14 miles of exposed hell. The temperature is going to be in the triple digits. By carrying only two days of food, we are keeping our packs as light as possible.

Nap will also get some Chinese food in the next town Chester.

The good news is that once we are done with this beast, the trail begins to flatten and I can hit the accelerator. That is important because I’m on a deadline and the water sources are separated. The less I carry, the faster I go.

Nap and Bubbles have told me that they know it is time for me to move on. I’ve grown much stronger since I started hiking with them. They feel that they are holding me back. I said I would not do anything until after the halfway marker which is coming very soon.

With my rest time, I started to work on the end game. Washington will require resupply boxes sent from home. There are no grocery stores. First, I needed to figure out how may days between stops. Then I will need to write detailed instructions on how to assemble them.

Getting through Washington without a delay is going to be a challenge, but with my family’s support, it is going to go well.

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