Day 87: The Beast of Belden

Started: Belden (1286.9)

Ended: Frog Spring (1301.1)

Total Miles: 14.2

Achievements: 1,300 miles.

Our intrepid adventurers’ next quest was to scale the Beast of Belden. Not for the feign of heart, this beast had fell many a hero. Smoke from the fires of Yosemite filled the air making breathing extra difficult. The weather was also not to our heroes’ advantage as the temperature jumped above 100 and the wind stood still.

Despite the odds against them, Bubbles, Nap and Young Buck were determined to conquer the beast.

However, a climb of this magnatude required a hardy breakfast. Young Buck ate three eggs, sausages, biscuits and gravy and washed it down with a vanilla milkshake and pot of coffee. This battle required serious calories.

The start of the climb was two miles away, so it required a hitch on some good person’s chariot. Bubbles the Overjoyed, who has little fear and once stared down a she-bear protecting her cub, yet is deathly afraid of spiders, took watch. However, even her natural smile and with her right thumb extended, she was unable to find a good noble to stop. As each precious minute passed, the temperature grew warmer and warmer.

As Nap returned to the inn to find a way to the Beast, Bubbles finally waved down a noble willing to help the party. Nap ran back as the rest of the party loaded their gear.

To climb the Beast of Belden requires one to climb up for 14 miles and 5000 feet. There are no short cuts. You walk right up the beast’s spine. It is sweaty and tiring hike. With the combination of heat, smoke, bugs and steepness, the going was slow.

The beast taunted the adventurers the whole way with pithy signs.

Eventually, our adventures reached near the top. They knew it for there was a sign that said 1,300 miles.

It was only moments before they reached the head. Young Buck, with his trusty hiking pole, vanquished the beast with a mighty blow.

The party decided enough was enough and made camp at the magical Frog Spring where water springs forth from the rock. They pondered why it was called Frog Spring instead of Rock Spring, for there were no frogs, but that is neither here nor there.

With their quest completed, they enjoyed dinner, watched a bright red sunset and rested for new adventures tomorrow.

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