Day 89: Halfway Home

Started: Butt Mountain Tentsite (1320.7)

Ended: Stover Spring Tentsite (1334.8)

Total Miles: 14.1 + 2 Bonus Miles

Achievements: Halfway Home

I woke up a few times in the middle of the night with a strong smell of smoke. When we got up, the air was thick with smoke and there was a light covering of ash on my tent. Because I had signal, I looked up the Carr Fire. It had doubled in size from 40,000 to 88,000 acres in size while remaining only 5% contained.

The PCT Facebook groups had people requesting rides ahead. It seems that our next four resupply points are all stuck in the smoke. CNN had a story that included satellite photos of the smoke and how much it is covering. Sadly, we are at the bottom of it, and we have to walk through it.

Nap, Bubbles and I discussed it over breakfast.

We broke camp and hiked to the halfway point on the PCT. We are finally closer to Canada than Mexico. Fortunately, the rest of the hike is flat (except for the end).

We hiked to the highway and hitched. A guy in a Tesla picked us up. I couldn’t ask if we could pay for gas!

Our first stop was Chinese food. We ate, charged devices and discussed the smoke situation. As the city of Redding is on fire, some of the smoke we are breathing contains toxins from plastics and other materials. The fire also doubled in size.

So, we developed a plan. We would hike to our next resupply point in Old Station. If we feel like crap, we will jump ahead.

With that decided, we resupplied at the local grocery store for three days.

There I ran into Tribute. I met her and her mom on day two. They are from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, this was her last day on trail. Her mom left at mile 900. Tribute decided to hike on, but now that she made the halfway point, she decided to go home.

Tomorrow is tricky. Because we no longer have our bear canisters, the only campsite we can camp at is 15 miles from here. So, we are going to visit some of the sites like Terminal Geyser. That will be our last short day for a while. We can get away with a couple of short days because we really no longer zero. Our last zero day was South Lake Tahoe, and that was over 14 days ago. Our next one isn’t untill Mount Shasta, if we can get there.

We’ll see how the next couple of days goes. Tomorrow will be fun.

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