Day 90: Fun In Lassen

Started: Stover Spring Tentsite (1334.8)

Ended: Warner Valley Camp (1350.3)

Total Miles: 15.5 + 1.5 Bonus Miles

Achievements: Steamed By Terminal Geyser

Hiking with two scientists means that we are going to stop every now and again to see the sites. Lassen National Park has a number of sites off trail we wanted to see. Therefore, we decided to have a shorter day and take some time to enjoy the trail.

The other advantage is that Lassen requires that you have a bear canister to camp. I sent that home a while ago. So, we can either hike 30 miles, which I have never done, or hike to the Warner Valley Campsite which has bear boxes. We chose Warner Valley.

We have found one big advantage to all the smoke. It has dropped the temperature by 10 to 15 degrees. As I’ve discussed, we have decided that if we cannot breathe, we will move ahead. As it stands, if conditions remain the same, we will hike on and not skip.

Terminal Geyser was amazing.

So was the boiling lake.

We got to camp at 6 p.m. and made dinner. After we ate, a nearby camper made us elk burgers and offered us beer. I ended up going to bed at 10, but I had plenty of calories.

Tomorrow we position ourselves for a resupply in Old Station.

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