Day 92: Bring Out Your Crayons

Started: Stealth Campsite (1372.3)

Ended: Cache-22 Water Tank (1393.5)

Total Miles: 20.2

Today, all the pictures require that you print out the webpage and finish coloring them in. I’ve left you some lines of what you should see if there wasn’t so much smoke. We passed some awesome volcanoes like Mount Lassen, but I could barely make them out.

We spent two hours in Old Station to have a second breakfast, charge our devices, and resupply for two days. I have everything, but fat and protein, so my resupply was simple.

We ran into a Park Ranger who told us the smoke conditions north of Burney were really bad, and we should consider skipping ahead. We are going to stick with our plan for now.

We are back in the desert again, and that means long water carries. The cache where we are staying is supposed to be filled regularly. However, due to all the fires, the owner is unable to get a water truck to deliver. So, we have a long, hot, exposed hike with a twenty mile no water carry, just like the old days.

There were trail rumors that this cache had water. I followed the thru-hiker rule that says assume all water caches are empty, so I have enough to get to the next source. A couple hikers are going to hike through the night, because their water needs are less. Others are turning around to the last source six miles away.

There isn’t much nice to say about today’s hike. Thru-hiking is Type-2 fun. It isn’t fun when you do it, but it is amazing when you look back. I’m just happy I’ll never have to hike these 20 miles again.

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