Day 93: Resupply In Burney

Started: Cache-22 Water Tank (1393.5)

Ended: Burney Highway 299 (1411.3)

Total Miles: 17.8

Achievements: 1,400 miles

We woke up early to hike some miles before it became too hot. I left Nap and Bubbles behind as I worked out my legs at a 3.0+ m.p.h. pace for Oregon.

I had two liters of water to get me 13 miles. Ideally I’d like to have three, but honestly, my body’s water needs have changed since I started. I took four liters for a 20 mile carry including cooking and dry camping. That is a huge difference from when I started. I would have taken six liters at least.

Again the smoke conditions were terrible. The view from the Hat Creek Rim should be amazing. Instead it was obscured.

I waited for my hiking partners at the 1,400 mile mark. Not only did we reach this achievement, but we have also hiked over 300 miles without a zero! That really tells you where I am physically.

Once again I pushed myself until the water source. Even in the 90+ weather, I barely sweat. I’ve become accustomed to these conditions.

We reached Highway 299 and hitched into Burney. We are staying at Word of Life Assembly Church. They have showers for PCT hikers and we can sleep in their gym for free.

Today, August 1st. is Switzerland’s independence day, so we ate Chinese (Nap’s favorite) and toasted to their continued freedom.

We will resupply for five days and hopefully return to trail about noon.

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