Advancing to Ashland

When I met Nap and Bubbles this morning, they surprised me by telling me that because of the smoke situation, they wanted to skip up to Ashland. Nap, the scientist, called the county air pollution office, and they recommended we skip ahead.

At the same time, the PCTA tweeted an air pollution alert that recommended that we wear smoke masks.

Areas at greatest risk for unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality include the Tulelake area; the Shasta Valley including Montague, Weed, and Mt. Shasta City; and the Scott Valley including Happy Camp, Fort Jones, and Etna. This also includes most of Modoc County including Alturas and Adin.  Conditions will be similar for the next few days with winds allowing nearby smoke to fill the valleys.
Follow guidance from local air quality management districts. Wear an N95 or N100 smoke mask when outside. Air quality data and forecasts can be found at, and additional monitoring data at

As I wrote before I started this hike, I’m not going to skip because I’m lazy. There is a point, however, I must concede that hiking on is dangerous. Living outside 24 hours a day while breathing deeply as I exercise for 12 hours of that is not good for my health. Experts are telling me to wear a smoke mask.

So, tomorrow we will take a bus to Ashland. I’ll take a zero today. That ends my no days off streak at 423 miles.

This is the right decision.

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