Day 94: Finally, A Picture You Can Enjoy

Started: Burney Highway 299 (1411.3)

Ended: Burney Falls State Park (1419.0)

Total Miles: 7.7 + 5.0 Bonus Miles

Achievements: Feel the Mist From Burney Falls

Looking at my phone, I’ve walked 12.5 miles, but on the map I’ve only moved up 7.7 miles of trail. Some of that was getting chores done. Some of that was actually enjoying Burney Falls.

This morning I got up, resupplied for five days, washed everyone’s clothes, helped a hiker get to a doctor, and started planning the end of this hike.

First, and most importantly, a picture of an amazing site you can actually see!

Isn’t it lovely? Burney Falls is amazing. Much of the water is coming out of the rock.

We are camping at the backpacker’s site a half a mile off trail tonight. More bonus Miles for me.

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