Day 96: Spring to Spring

Started: Kosk Spring (1440.4)

Ended: Deer Creek Spring (1461.6)

Total Miles: 21.2

For many hikers, Northern California breaks their heart. After the majesty of the Sierra Mountains, you return to hot weather, big climbs and long water carries. I haven’t felt that way. Yes, there are climbs, but the trail is very soft. Yes, there are water carries, but I know my needs so much better. As I have said before, the smoke is lowering temperatures. It is not so hot.

None of the demoralizing factors of Northern California has had any affect on me.

What is driving me crazy is all the smoke. It hasn’t affected my lungs or eyes. What it has affected is my views. I took one picture today. There was nothing to see. I was on a ridge that had some interesting rock formations, but I lacked the motivation to pull out my phone. With no smoke, it would be epic.

The one shot I took, had some interesting shades of gray. That is the best I could come up with.

So, I hiked 20+ miles again today with my head down and music on. I’m ready for 25+ once the trail flattens out. We’ll do it again tomorrow. I suspect I’ll have the same number of pictures as well.

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