Day 97: Scared a Bear

Started: Deer Creek Spring (1461.6)

Ended: Tentsite (1481.9)

Total Miles: 20.3

Achievements: Scared a Bear

My goal was to push all 20 miles today. Back before I left in this hike my training hike was 3.5 m.p.h. with a 40 pound pack. Now that things are flatter, I want to do the same thing, but for ten hours. This is all preparation for the flat section of trail coming soon. There I will make up time

Sadly, this means my time with Nap and Bubbles is slowly coming to an end. We all know it. When I first met them, they were stronger and faster. Now things have changed. I’m stronger and faster.

About 30 minutes into my hike, I heard rustling below me. It was a juvenile black bear. I turned to face it, lifted my arms to make myself bigger, and yelled “Go Bear!”

It fell backwards on trail ts rump and clumsily turned and ran away. I smiled and kept walking. I got this hiking this thing down pat.

Everything is still really smokey, but it does not seem to be bothering me.

I finished all 20 miles by 3:15. That included a climb and a bunch of ups and downs on the trail. I could have done more. I’m going to try the same speed tomorrow into Mount Shasta.

Once in town, I’ll get to the outfitter and fix my hiking poles. I’ve worn the tips down. Hopefully, they can be replaced. We’ve decided not to zero in Northern California, so I’ll only spend the night in Mount Shasta.

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