Day 98: 1,500 Miles

Started: Tentsite (1481.9)

Ended: Mount Shasta (1501.2)

Total Miles: 19.3

As I was just about to leave, I ran into Hoover who was one of five members of my old hiking family with Fishtank, Chef, and Feinschmecker. He didn’t recognize me at all. My body is completely different, I’m wearing new clothes and my beard is full.

We caught up. Other than him and I, the rest of the family is off trail. He is doing 30 mile days. I’m not doing that yet.

The other thing he told me was that I’m hiking different now. I’m now a fast hiker. The day started with a five mile climb. I kept a strong 2.8 to 3.0 m.p.h. pace the whole way up and left him in the dust. I didn’t mean to do it, but when I saw the climb, I just wanted to get over it.

I reached 1,500 miles!

I finished the day at 3 p.m., so I kept that speed the whole day.

We are spending the evening in Mount Shasta. I needed to visit a good outfitter. These small towns have not had one.

Getting to Mount Shasta was difficult. There is a bus that runs once every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I missed it. Lyft was no help as there were no drivers. The road the trail comes off has no traffic, so I couldn’t hitch. That left getting a taxi. It took so long that Nap and Bubbles came down, so we split the ride.

After checking into our motel, we went right to the outfitter. I now have tips on both of my hiking poles again! I wore them down to nubs.

I talked to the kids and the wife. Julia is going to handle organizing the supply boxes when I get to Washington. The family knows that the final phase of the hike depends upon them getting the boxes out on time.

Nap, Bubbles and I had some excellent Italian. We were doing laundry as we ate, so we kept running out. I ran into Mammoth there as well.

Tomorrow we will resupply and hopefully get out in the afternoon. We will be in Etna in five days.

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