Day 100: Advance to Ashland

Started: Mount Shasta (1501.2)

Ended: Ashland (1718.7)

Achievements: A Stately Set

There is really only one way to Ashland, and that is by Greyhound. I had never taken a Greyhound. Nap and Bubbles are much more adventurous than I. I proposed renting a car, but the closest place is Ashland.

I was expecting the worst with at least one crazy person. I was entertained with two. One was a dopehead looking to bum some free weed. He would forget that he had already asked me. He’d ask, look at me, and mumble that I didn’t look like the type who would have any.

The second… He was stranded there. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit and big black rubber boots with no socks. I know that he didn’t have any socks, because for entertainment he would take off the boots and pick at his toenails as he told me that he wasn’t crazy, yet believed every conspiracy theory.

I know my readers. You are all very intelligent. You know that when someone starts a conversation with, “I’m not crazy” it is certainly a lie.

Did I mention that the bus was over two hours late?

When I got on the bus finally, this really attractive woman said, “I’m a hiker, sit next to me”. At this point, I don’t trust anyone not to be crazy, so I just walked by. By the time I was halfway on the bus and looked at my other options, I concluded that the woman was thin enough to be a hiker, so I turned around and sat next to her.

Her trail name is Tinkerbell, and we had a great conversation all the way up. Her biggest concern was that the guy in blue jumpsuit didn’t sit next to her.

When we got to Ashland, the four of us stopped at a local brewpub. Someone watched the four of us with our backpacks and bought a round of drinks and an appetizer for us. I like Ashland.

I’m staying at a hostel for two nights. Tomorrow I will put together two boxes for the next stops on the trail and mail them.

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