Day 101: Ashland Is Cool

Zero in Ashland

Today is a work day. Bubbles and Nap need to send boxes to all our stops in Washington. My family is handling the resupply for that state, so I have put together written instructions and have had two conference calls. Yes, my family does conference calls.

Before we left, we went to a local coffee shop. As we were sitting there, a woman asked if we were thru-hikers. We said “Yes” and she gave us $20!

Ashland is cool!

First, we took the bus to Medford and stopped at Trader Joe’s. They had an excellent selection of Clif bars and other items. I need to put together two, three-day boxes and send them forward.

Our second stop was the REI. There I bought six freeze dried dinners, DEET, and some camping soap for when I returned to the hostel. One of the staff there saw that I was wearing Darn Tough socks. She asked about their condition. I told her that I had two pair coming to Bend in about two weeks. She said to go pick out a pair and take off the pair I was wearing. I told her that she probably didn’t want me to do that in the store. She said, “Nope. Those socks have a lifetime warranty and we have a ziplock bag for returns.”

So, I texted home “No need to include socks in the Bend box.”

After lunch, we took the bus. Nap and Bubbles were going to Walmart next. I only need a couple of items, so I went back to Ashland.

After dropping my stuff off, I walked to the local grocery store. There I purchased wet wipes, M&M’s and more almonds. Unfortunately, they do not carry any drink powders at all! I wasn’t able to get any in Mount Shasta either. This is a bit of a problem. I have plenty of green tea for energy, but I will quickly run out of electrolytes before I get to Bend. We’ll see if my newly high efficiency body needs them anymore.

On the way back, another woman asked if I was a thru-hiker. I said “Yes”, and she gave me $20, too!

Ashland is cool!

Bubbles and Nap came back late, so we didn’t get to the post office. We will do that tomorrow.

We finished the night with some excellent Indian food. Ashland has had the strongest vortex so far, even with all the smoke. Still, I’m anxious to get back on trail. I can see the end, and I want to get there.

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