Day 105: 1,800 Miles

Started: Twin Ponds Trail Junction (1781.5)

Ended: Tentsite (1805.8)

Total Miles: 24.3

Achievements: 1,800 Miles

This day proved to be a bit rougher than expected. It wasn’t my feet. They were fine after my marathon the day before. It was my general lack of motivation. On the top of the ridge, I met Patches and had a pleasant conversation. I tossed rocks down the canyon and watched them shatter below. If I could find an excuse to look around, I did.

Today was more like the Sierra Mountains. There were big uphills and pointy scree that hurt my feet.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to move, so I pounded the last six miles. I wanted to do another marathon to prove that I could do two in a row, but I ran out of time. I made it to a tentsite just after eight, which was barely enough time to get my tent up and cook.

I have 16 miles to go tomorrow to get my resupply box. Hopefully it is there or otherwise I’m spending the night.

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