Day 108: Now That Is Oregon

Started: Stealth Camp (1852.0)

Ended: Windigo Pass (1878.2)

Total Miles: 24.2

Achievements: It’s All Down Hill From Here, All Hail The King

It was a rough night last night. Without a working insect net, I configured my sleeping arrangement more like I was cowboy camping. What I didn’t expect was that mosquitoes would leave me alone, but ants would be a real problem. I was woken up by an ant crawling under my base layer or biting me. Good times!

The day mostly consisted of hiking from a water source two miles, then hiking through an 18 mile no water carry. I carried three liters.

Hef and I reached the highest point in Oregon and Washington. It is all downhill from here.

We hiked for another mile and found a nice place with cell phone reception.

Patches caught up with us, and she and I raced to Windigo Pass. I took an early lead.

About two o’clock, a thunderstorm blew in. I would train back home in the rain, but I wouldn’t train in a thunderstorm. Now that I’m thru-hiking, a thunderstorm and hail is not a reason to stand still. I’m on a ridge and exposed.

I followed a new hiker I met, Gust. Exhausted, we set up camp with a bunch of others at the water cache. Patches came to me to tell me that Hef left his socks that he had washed back where we had lunch. According to Patches, that was a five mile backtrack, so I didn’t expect to see him tonight.

Tomorrow I plan to muscle myself into Shelter Cove and shorten my hike by a day. It will be a very long day.

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