Day 111: I Can See Clearly, The Smoke Is Gone

Started: Brahma Lake Tentsite (1933.3)

Ended: Sisters Mirror Lake (1958.7)

Total Miles: 25.4

Today has been a memorable day. First, I have a new hiking partner, Gust. We have been leap frogging for the past couple of days. Last night I wrote that we did a push together. Today, we hiked all day and at lunch we fist bumped and agreed to hike to Bend together. She is on the left.

We did a solid 3.0 m.p.h. pace all day. We reach a beautiful lake by six p.m. Tomorrow will be rough on the feet as we will be hiking ten miles of lava rock. I have someone to bitch about it with.

The smoke seems to have cleared up.

So, that is the good news. The bad news is that the trail that includes the Northern Terminus is closed due to a fire. This hike may be all for naught. I might not be able to reach the end.

My concern is that due to the remoteness of the Northern Terminus, it may not be easy to put out the fire.

If that is the case, my hike will end at Stevens Pass. Stehekin is the last resupply point, but that is only reachable by foot, ferry, or float plane. It is a bit much to ask my wife to pick me up there, so the previous stop makes more sense.

At this point, all I can do is stick to the original plan and hike assuming it will be open when I get there. It certainly makes resupply interesting.

Tonight we are sleeping at a comfortable tent site by a lake. It is beautiful.

One thought on “Day 111: I Can See Clearly, The Smoke Is Gone

  1. Oh it won’t be all for naught if the trail is closed at the end. No one can take away from you what you have achieved and what you are still achieving every day!
    And the trail changes size every year due to diversions and closures, this just happens to be at the end. It kinda sucks but that is that trail this year I suppose.
    I would really like to give this trail a go sometime! You are inspiring me!


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