Day 113: 2,000 Miles

Started: Tentsite (1984.1)

Ended: Bend Via Highway 20 (2000.9)

Total Miles: 16.8

Achievements: 2,000 Miles, 16-By-Noon

While I can cruise at 3 m.p.h., I still have an extra speed where I turn on the afterburner. It is called town speed and I only use it going into town. I don’t have to be efficient with my energy usage. We were up at five to get to town early.

The smoke was thick. The lava fields were a surreal landscape.

Instead of angry, I tried to pretend that I was an explorer on an alien world.

Gust egged me on to try and run down the hills. My pack had just a liter of water and little food, so it was as light as it could be. It has been a while since I ran down hills. Turns out I’m also in running shape. It was awkward running with a large pack on, but I ran and jumped and managed not to hurt myself in the process.

The advantage of running some of the miles is that the miles went by fast. Before we knew it, we hiked all 16 miles and reached the 2,000 mile marker. We did all that before noon

After that, it was a simple one mile hike to the road and get a hitch.

Gust had reception for the first time in a while. She has a new pack coming, but it will not be in for two days. I plan on zeroing, but I cannot afford two zeros at this point. On top of that, the second rule of this hike is that I cannot share a room with one female, so we cannot share a hotel room to save money.

Therefore, we decided to part ways. She hitched in with a group her age. I hitched on my own.

I got to Bend and went to my hotel. I dropped off my pack and went to the post office to pick up my new shoes. This last pair went 600 miles, but are ready for retirement.

I called home and we planned the two possible outcomes. Either we are sending boxes to all the resupply points in Washington, or I’ll be leaving the trail at Stevens Pass if the Northern Terminus remains closed.

I had a hankering for pizza, so I ordered one and relaxed. Tomorrow I’ll do laundry, resupply, and relax some more.

2 thoughts on “Day 113: 2,000 Miles

  1. WOW! That is an incredible achievement! You have really been covering the miles quickly (and earning your trail name) and your pictures are breathtaking even with the smoke. Glad you were able to get new shoes, it is probably like walking on clouds now. Take care and we hope the trail is open by the time you reach it! Your friends at First Pres in Clinton.


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