Day 115: The Kindness Of Strangers

Started: Bend (2000.9)

Ended: Tentsite (2023.5)

Total Miles: 22.6

The city of Bend is a tough city to find a ride. It is over 22 miles off trail. Fortunately, I met two section hikers a couple of days ago. They gave me their number and told me to call them when I was ready to return.

Their names are Rich and Renee, and they were awesome.

For me to be successful, I am completely dependent upon the kindness of strangers. There was no way I could walk to Bend, and leaving Bend would be even harder without kind people like Rich and Renee.

I was on trail by 10, so it was a late start. However, I had plenty of calories in my body. I hiked 22 miles by taking only short rests. It was a good push. I would be in position to enjoy the famous Timberline Lodge breakfast buffet.

Still too much smoke. There were some excellent views that would be much better if I could see them clearly.

Tomorrow, I have a 25 mile day lined up.

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