Day 116: A Day Filled With Beauty

Started: Tentsite (2023.5)

Ended: Lake Jude Tentsite (2049.3)

Total Miles: 25.8

I had a beautiful day of hiking. I say that despite a ten mile climb over rocks and scree. I took more pictures today than I have in a long time. It is amazing how good a mood you are in when there is no smoke.

I had a pretty rough river crossing. I had to balance on rocks until I reached a large boulder. I jumped on to that boulder and tossed my trekking poles to the other shore. I then slid down the other side to reach another rock that I could just barely reach. I then flipped myself over and forcefully pushed myself upright. It was an impressive piece of maneuvering when you consider that I was wearing a thirty pound, unbuckled backpack.

You always unbuckle your pack when crossing water so you can escape if you fall in.

The rest of the day consisted of knocking off miles an taking pictures like these:

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