Day 117: Familiar Faces

Started: Lake Jude Tentsite (2049.3)

Ended: Stealth Campsite (2078.1)

Total Miles: 28.8

Achievements: Marathon (5)

I woke up to a wet tent. That is the price you pay for the benefit of a light weight single wall tent. Fortunately, the tent worked as designed and I stayed dry.

Today I ran into south bounders who were once north bounders and who I hiked with before. They flip floped to avoid the smoke. In all three cases, I said “Hello” and they looked confused. I said “I’m Young Buck”. It took a second for it to process. I’m unrecognizable even to people I’ve hiked with.

It is possible that I will be the hiker that looses the most weight overall this year.

There was not much to see today. Not because of smoke fortunately. It was all green tunnel.

There are four backpacking sites at Timothy Lake. As it is a Saturday, they are all taken. I’m exhausted, so I found a flat spot and I will call it home for tonight. I’m at Timberline Lodge tomorrow for their excellent buffet. The alarm is set for five. I have 18 miles to go.

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