Day 119: Wet, Wet, Wet

Started: Tentsite (2106.3)

Ended: Wahtum Lake Tentsite (2130.3)

Total Miles: 24.0

It rained all night. I was a little worried that my tent could handle it. I tested it with a Wisconsin thunderstorm and it kept me perfectly dry. I was concerned that putting it up and taking it down a hundred times meant there were some holes I didn’t see. I also strapped it to the outside of my pack when I didn’t have enough room to carry everything, like in the Sierra Mountains when I carried a bear canister and nine days of food.

I woke up in the middle of the night and checked the state of things, but the tent kept me dry. I’m good for Washington.

I had checked the weather report the day before, so I knew that it should stop raining in the morning. That gave me an opportunity to sleep in. By 7:30 I could hear that the rain subsided and I started getting ready to leave.

The pack was heavy and I was sluggish. Between the wet pack and tent, I was probably carrying an extra liter of water. Back-to-back 28+ mile days probably had something to do with it as well.

I reached a point where electric is brought up the hill. The electric company cuts down all the vegetation, so it made a good place to lay out my gear while I ate lunch.

With 15 miles to go, I was running late. I broke out of the green tunnel and had some excellent views.

I maintained a good 3+ m.p.h. pace for the afternoon. I’m 16.3 miles from Cascade Locks. I’m getting up early to reach there in time to do laundry and resupply for three days. I’m going to meet my friend Ian for the first time in years.

Assuming I get everything done, I will not zero in Cascade Locks. That will cut another day of my hiking schedule. My morale is excellent, but I’d like to go home as well.

One thought on “Day 119: Wet, Wet, Wet

  1. Wow, no consecutive days of rain in oregon. Great tent, you will need to do a report on your BP equipment once you get home. Don’t forget to do a before & after picture of JP vs Young Buck!


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