Day 120: Last Day In Oregon

Started: Wahtum Lake Tentsite (2130.3)

Ended: Cascade Locks (2147.1)

Total Miles: 16.8

Thanks to some solid pushes the previous two days, I only had 16.8 miles to get to Cascade Locks. If I was up at five, I could be in by noon. It was mostly downhill.

Hiking on a ridge early in the morning makes for some interesting lights and shadows.

It wasn’t the best quick jaunt into town. The downgrade was unusually steep, so I couldn’t keep a good quick pace. There was plenty of scree for good measure. There was one spot that had an excellent view.

Once I was down, Cascade Locks was a pretty nice hiker town. The motel let me check in early. The laundromat was close. The food store carried Mountain House and fuel canisters, and wasn’t too expensive. There were plenty of options to carb up.

My good friend Ian, who I had not seen in years drove out to see me for dinner.

Tomorrow I cross the Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River and leave Oregon behind. Washington promises to be quite the adventure.

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