Day 122: Back To Big Climbs

Started: Dirt Road (2172.4)

Ended: Dirt Road (2197.9)

Total Miles: 25.5

Achievements: Wave to the Kitty

I’ve been hanging around a new group of hikers. Mother Hen and Khaleesi have hiked together since the beginning. They taught in Indonesia as part of the Peace Corps. I’ve run into Crumbs many times. In fact, he shared a room with Nap, Bubbles and I in South Lake Tahoe. Crumbs is Swiss.

Here is a really old tree that was cut down.

Todays hike featured a ten mile, five thousand foot climb. You would think that would be easier now, but you would be wrong. I shlogged up the hill. It took forever. When I reached the top, I was surprised to see Mother Hen, Khaleesi and Crumbs. There was cell phone service and they had good news to tell me. The fire situation in Northern Washington has changed. There is now a path to Canada and the Northern Terminus. My hike will not end early!

Until that point, I spent most of the day thinking of what I was going to write. My wife has been pushing me to get off at Stevens Pass if the Northern Terminus remained closed. That would have me home about the 16th or so. Her argument is that Stevens Pass is much simpler to hitch. In fact, they have not shipped the resupply box there.

Now, things are different. I can go all the way. I hope so. The views look promising.

One interesting note. If this was the AT, I would be at home. My hike would be completed.

We went down together. We saw a mountain lion. It ran when it saw us. I waved to it.

Tomorrow should be much easier. I need an easy day after these big climbs the past two days.

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