Day 124: In And Out Of Trout Lake

Started: Trout Lake Creek (2223.8)

Ended: Lewis River Tentsite (2241.7)

Total Miles: 17.9

Today was a personal record for getting resupplied and out of town. We got in at 9:30 and left at 12:30.

Our day started with an easy five mile hike to the forest road. There we were picked up by the Trout Lake volunteer shuttle. We were dropped off at the store where my resupply box could be picked up. They had a charging station ready to go. I picked up my resupply box and took it to the lawn in back.

My daughter is my quartermaster for the Washington phase of the hike. The resupply box was perfect. I didn’t need to buy anything to supplement it.

Khaleesi had a visitor, a member of her church back home in Houston. He bought lunch for the three of us.

We were back on the 12:30 shuttle with plenty of food and full power. We hiked 12 miles in. These 12 miles were bonus miles for me. My schedule assumes that I would spend the night in Trout Lake.

I’m beginning to see why Washington is everyone’s favorite state on the PCT. It is quite beautiful.

Tomorrow, the plan is to do about 25 miles. There is plenty of water, so my carry will be light. I have plenty of calories in my food bag. It is a bit colder. I’m sleeping with my water filter in my pocket so it doesn’t freeze. I prefer hiking when it is colder, so I’m ready to go.

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