Day 125: Big Miles In The Hills

Started: Lewis River Tentsite (2241.7)

Ended: Walupt Creek Tentsite (2268.7)

Total Miles: 27.0

I’m beginning to understand why Washington is many PCT’er favorite state. The views are getting better and better.

The smoke and fog lifted overnight and the view from where we camped for the night was excellent.

We had an aggressive goal of 27 miles, so I did not dilly-dally. At 11, I reached some of the best trail magic yet. Surprisingly, they were from Wisconsin. Not only that, but they went to the same high school I went to, Hartland Arrowhead.

So, I had a hamburger with an egg and bacon on top for lunch.

For the most of the day I was in a green tunnel. There was a climb at the end and I had a wonderful view.

Mother Hen waited for me to point out where they were camping. I guess we are hiking together. I certainly enjoy their company. They hike much faster than me, but do the same daily miles, so it works.

Tomorrow is Goat Rocks. I cannot wait.

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