Day 126: Walking The Knife’s Edge At Goat Rocks

Started: Walupt Creek Tentsite (2268.7)

Ended: Somewhere on the Trail #76 Clear Lost Trail

Total Miles: Your guess is as good as mine.

Achievements: Cispus Pass, Goat Rocks

This is going to go down as one of the most epic days on trail. Unquestionably, it has been a long and difficult day. I have no idea where I am. I wanted adventurer and I’ve had it in droves.

Today I hiked through Goat Rocks, some of the most beautiful and challenging areas to hike. The views area amazing and made up for all the green tunnel I have hiked the past couple of weeks.

The terrain is as difficult as anything I did in the Sierra Mountains. I’m in much better shape now and I did a good job of eating so I had plenty of energy.

From my vantage point on the knife’s edge, I could see the forest fires that was going to lead to an alternate trail.

At the Coyote Trail Junction, I had to leave the regular PCT and take a series of other trails that should lead to White Pass. My goal was to make it to town today.

These trails are seldom used and are neither graded or maintained like the PCT. My phone app, Guthooks, that I use to track my position on the PCT does not even show these trails. I’m in a canyon, so my GPS is sporadic.

At one point, I “lost” the trail. I went straight, but the trail actually turned. It led to a cliff of mossy stone. I went back a ways, figuring I missed something, but still missed the turn. With no other idea of which way to go, I started climbing down the cliff. I reached a position where I was about six feet up. I decided to drop my hiking poles and took off my backpack. I tried to slide my pack down the cliff. It didn’t work. I watched my backpack cartwheel down way further than I wanted it to. Unfortunately, my phone was in the front pocket

I slid down and walked down picking up my poles and the water bottles that flew out. I reached my pack and discovered that my phone was just fine. The case I bought to protect it did it’s job.

Now with my new vantage point, I found the trail.

I kept on hiking. Eventually I found some pink ribbon with PCT Alternate Route on a tree, so I know I’m on the right trail. I walked until seven. At that point I committed to walking to the next water source. When I found that I would find a flat spot and call it a day.

That is where I am. I’ll get up early tomorrow and find my way to White Pass. I have a resupply box waiting for me there.

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