Day 127: 2,300 Miles

Started: Somewhere on the Trail #76 Clear Lost Trail

Ended: Unnamed Creek Tentsite (2307.3)

Total Miles: Unknown Plus 2.5 Bonus

Achievements: 2,300 Miles

I woke up two times last night. The first was at 10 p.m. as a couple asked if I knew how far it was to the highway. I told them that I didn’t know and that is why I camped. I was awoken again at midnight by three male hikers night hiking. They apologized. They didn’t expect anyone to camp in that section of the trail as there was no campsites.

I got up and was moving by seven. The question in the back of my mind was “Did I make the right choice?”. By camping instead of making it to White Pass I was signaling to Khaleesi and Mother Hen to hike on without me.

I made the right choice. The hike was technical and included a gnarly river crossing that I would not want to do in the dark.

I did learn that the alternate was 18 miles long. I did 10 PCT miles and I’m going to guess 13 alternate miles on the first day. That left five alternate miles and 12.4 PCT miles today. I did both road walks today instead of hitching.

At White Pass, I took a shower and washed most of my clothes. I say most because I hand washed two pairs of socks in a creek, but forgot to put them in the washer. My socks need washing the most and I forgot to include them.

One of my two boxes was there. I called home and the second was to be delivered today. I was charging my power bank, so this didn’t delay me.

As I was putting together my resupply, I ran into Cashew. Cashew is the hiker who gave me my trail name. He has only named one person on trail. The introduction was awesome.

“Are you Cashew?”


“I am Young Buck. You gave me my name.”

He looked at me astonished.

“No Way! No Way!”

“Yes, it is me. I’ve lost 70 pounds.”

“You did it. You look like that picture you showed us. You look amazing!”

That was pretty cool.

After finishing up packing, I was back on the trail. I reached the 2,300 mile mark.

I ran into Crumbs. He told me Mother Hen went to Packwood instead of the trail due to a sore knee.

Looking at my projections, I’m now scheduled to make it to Manning Park on the 24th. That was an important goal when my wife was going to be there. However, my kids protested, so I’ll come home alone so everyone can see me.

My projections assume 20 mile days that I can do in my sleep. To get from Manning Park to Seattle and catch a flight by my anniversary on the 26th might require more time, so I will continue to shave off days. Ideally, I’d like to make the Northern Terminus by the 22nd. and have a relaxing trip home.

This section is flat, so I should be able to shave off a day by just doing 25 mile days.

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