Day 129: Back On Track

Started: Cliff Tentsite (2327.8)

Ended: Spring Tentsite (2351.7)

Total Miles: 23.9

Not much to say about today other than I was back to normal. My energy level returned to normal and I bounded up both climbs today. I made a strong push at the end of the day. Whatever it was that slowed me down yesterday was resolved with rest, food and plenty of water. There were some good views.

But, it mostly consisted of burned out sections.

Tomorrow I’ll make a strong push to position my to get to Snoqualmie Pass the day after. That will cut my hike down by another day. That means I’ll make it to the Northern Terminus on the 23rd.

I have one more adventure after this hike and that is getting home. Under the original plan, my wife would meet me at Manning Park with a rental car. Now I have to make my way.

You used to be able to take a Greyhound as there was a stop at Manning Park. That ended this year. Now I’ll have to hitch from Manning Park to the town of Hope and take a Greyhound from there. Once I’m in Vancouver, I will take the train to Seattle and fly home from there. It should be interesting. The trail has always provided, so something else might happen.

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