Day 130: Sometimes Big Miles Just Happen

Started: Spring Tentsite (2351.7)

Ended: Stirrup Creek Trail Junction (2379.8)

Total Miles: 28.1

Achievements: Marathon (6)

With forty miles to go to get to Snoqualmie Pass, my goal was to do about twenty-five miles. That was a pretty bold number based upon the elevation charts.

I was blessed with not just one trail magic but two!

The first trail magic was in the middle of nowhere. The host left a sign that said that he or she would return. I drank two sodas and ate a banana. They didn’t return by the time I left.

The second one was just five miles before where I planned to camp. He had sodas and cooked hotdogs.

That was extra calories that I would need. You see, my desired campsite was an excellent water source. It lacked one important thing — an actual campsite. I should have read more of the comments. The next site was a tiny site three miles away and it was getting dark.

So, I’m Tetris-ed into a one tent site with a hiker I just met ten minutes ago. She was kind enough to let me put my tent so close to her’s. My door is facing her door. The tie lines are crossed.

Did I mention it is raining?

It is all good. We are a community.

Tomorrow I get into Snoqualmie Pass and will pick up a box for three days. I’m not sure if I’m going to spend the night or laundry, shower and hike on. Honestly, I could use the rest.

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