Day 132: Difficulty Increase

Started: Snoqualmie Pass (2393.1)

Ended: Lemah Creek (2413.8)

Total Miles: 20.7 Remaining: 238.8

Achievements: 2,400 Miles

My resupply box going to Stevens Pass is not going to be there until the 11th, so there is no big rush. In fact, there is no longer any need to rush in general. My projections assume 20 mile days, and I’m finishing with enough time to make it home before my anniversary.

I might be able to chop one more day off if I really tried. However, the difficulty of these last sections is high. If fact, they are as difficult as the Sierra Mountains. So, I’m going to slow down a bit.

I reached the 2,400 mile marker.

It took a full 12 hours to hike these 20 miles. There were multiple climbs. There was scree. There were fallen trees to climb over. It was the Sierra Mountains all over again including the views.

I have a wonderful 2,400 foot climbs over five miles to start the day. Not looking forward to that

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