Day 133: Cold And Wet With Storyteller

Started: Lemah Creek (2413.8)

Ended: Deep Lake (2434.8)

Total Miles: 21.0 Remaining: 217.7

It started to rain last night, and it rained all day today. It is a cold rain that is supposed to be constant for the next four days. This is Washington after all.

Fortunately, I’m from Wisconsin. I got this.

I have a two layer rain protection strategy. All the things I need dry are in waterproof bags. All those waterproof bags are stored in a garbage compactor bag. The garbage compactor bags are just the right size and are made of a thicker plastic.

When I woke up, I was dry. I put everything in my pack in my tent. When I stopped for the night, everything was still dry.

Today I hiked with Nick, a section hiker from Seattle. We have much in common. He is where I was when I was thirty.

We both have political science degrees. We are both religious. We both love baseball and normally play fantasy sports. It says we walked 21 miles, which is true, but I don’t really remember the six mile climb. The conversation was so engaging, it wasn’t until nearly 1 p.m. before I was so hungry that we remembered to stop and eat.

Unlike me, he actually used his degree. He’s been a legislative aid and lobbyist in Washington DC. He is finishing up his master’s program.

He’s met many public figures, often in weird situations. As he worked as a lobbyist for good causes, he didn’t make much, so he also worked nights as a waiter and at the Fords Theater.

What he lacked was a trail name. I still had never given one, so I proposed Storyteller. He gladly accepted it.

After 21 miles we found a reasonably dry spot in some trees. Everything is wet and there will be no chance to dry anything, so it is critical that was needs to be dry remains dry.

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