Day 134: Cold And Wet Part II (Home Field Advantage)

Started: Deep Lake (2434.8)

Ended: Hope Lake (2455.9)

Total Miles: 21.1 Remaining: 196.6

It rained all night, but I stayed dry. It stopped at 6:30 a.m., so I was able to get packed up without everything getting wet.

One advantage of my tent is the removable bathtub. As it was dry, but the tent was very wet, I removed it and put it in the dry section of my pack.

Storyteller and I started the first climb. We reached a rather hairy river crossing and worked together to cross it. My confidence in my balance has improved since I started this hike. I used to fear river crossings. Today I did about twenty feet balancing on a four inch wide tree over a raging river.

We were teased by the sun breaking through the clouds. When we sat down for a break, the rain started — hard. It rained the rest of day.

One of the ultralight thru-hikers I’ve ran into in the past walked by us wearing a cheap poncho. He was very wet and quite cold.

I’ve only been carrying a pack ready for a day like today. My 14 oz. outer shell kept my dry all day.

Eventually, LOL passed us. She’s from Mississippi and not used to the cold. She was going to press on into town.

As the day went on, it kept getting colder and kept on raining. Storyteller looked at me and said, “I was calculating…”

“Push on into town.”

“You really want to camp in this don’t you?”

“This is my home field advantage. I’ve been carrying gear for these conditions since I started. I’m sleeping in the clouds.”

So, I feel I have this section all to myself. It was a challenge, but I found a dry spot between some trees next to a lake. I’m warm, dry and comfortable. I only have a couple of day on trail left. Why would I go into civilization a day early?

Tomorrow I’ll reach Stevens Pass in the morning and pick up my second last resupply box.

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