Day 135: Quick In And Out Of Stevens Pass

Started: Hope Lake (2455.9)

Ended: Lake Janus (2473.9)

Total Miles: 18.0 Remaining: 178.8

I received a reprieve from the rain last night. My tent dried a bit. I still took the floor out and put it into the dry section of my pack.

I had a pretty simple eight mile hike into Stevens Pass. There I would pick up a box sent by my daughter with five days of food. I charged my battery and my phone. I called home. There wasn’t much in the store. It is not a resupply option.

I did pick up a medium t-shirt off the 50% rack made of quick dry material for some extra warmth. It is going to be in the low 30’s at night.

The ten mile hike to Lake Janus was pretty simple as well. I found a tentsite that was perfectly dry. After the rain I’ve had these past three days, if there is a spot that is still dry, that is a good place to put a tent.

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