Day 136: Cold And Wet Part III

Started: Lake Janus (2473.9)

Ended: Lake Sally Ann (2493.6)

Total Miles: 19.7 Remaining: 159.0

I got up as usual and ran into Storyteller. We were camped in two different spots at the same site.

My goal for the day was simple. I just needed to go a little over 19 miles. After that spot was a long ridge.

I was expecting a lot of cold rain and I wasn’t disappointed. The view looked like this for most of the day.

I was struggling to motivate myself being cold and wet. I found a dry rock overhang and ate a double lunch. I made my regular lunch, but also cooked one of my extra freeze dried meals. I have a few extra because I’ve cut days off my schedule.

After lunch I hiked with Dirt for a while. He gave me some good advice on adjusting to life after the trail. It was based on all the mistakes he had made.

With just two miles to go, the sun broke through the clouds. I could see all the amazing colors Washington has been hiding from me.

I reached Lake Sally Ann at five, but found it surprisingly crowded. I don’t like where my tent is if it starts to rain hard. I’ve propped up the bathtub. I hope I stay dry.

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